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Jack Haringa Must Die

Jack Haringa Must Die

“Within the pages of this book are the tales, scenes, confessionals, and dare I say, fantasies of the many deaths of Jack Haringa: the people, they just love to kill him.” So writes Paul Tremblay, in his tongue-in-cheek introduction to the Jack Haringa Must Die! Twenty-Eight Original Tales of Madness, Terror and Strictly Grammatical Murder, edited by Nicholas Kaufmann.

Jack Haringa Must Die! (104 pp) is now available from Merricat Publications. Proceeds from the book will benefit the Shirley Jackson Awards.

Jack M. Haringa is a member of the Board of Advisors to the Shirley Jackson Awards. He is an author and teacher, as well as co-editor, with S.T. Joshi, of the critical journal Dead Reckonings. The contributing authors to Jack Haringa Must Die! are his friends and respected colleagues.

In February of 2008, while in attendance at the Boskone convention in Boston, a group of writers discussed the fictional fate of characters named after Jack Haringa: he’d already been killed in two works by Brian Keene and in a book by AJ Matthews. Thusly inspired, friends organized “Kill Jack Haringa on Your Blog Day” for March 7th, 2008. Reports of Jack’s death circulated throughout the blogosphere, with scores of participants. Jack Haringa Must Die! is a compilation of the best of those blog entries, plus original, never-read-before death scenarios from James A. Moore and best-selling author, Christopher Golden.

All contributors offered their unique talents and their time to this endeavor, and under the guidance of Bram Stoker Award-nominated author Nicholas Kaufmann what was once only in the ether is now in print. Deep appreciation goes out to Jack Haringa for loaning his name to this endeavor, without which this book would not have been possible.

The Table of Contents for Jack Haringa Must Die! is:

Death to Haringa! – Jack Ketchum

Scratch – Seth Lindberg

Grammar of the Dead – Brian Keene

fisticuffs in broad daylight!: a lance polynomial adventure! – s.j. bagley

The Fate of Poor Jack Haringa – Paul G. Tremblay

Jack Haringa in Hell – Lisa Morton

Suicide, They Said – James A. Moore

All Furious and Fuming – Michael Kelly

Woolly Solution – Stephen Mark Rainey

True Fashion – Daniel G. Keohane

Haiku – Hannah Wolf Bowen

Going After Eliot – F. Brett Cox

The Unthinkable – Craig Shaw Gardner

Kids – John Langan

…And a Dark Wolf Will Touch You Back – Nicholas Kaufmann

They All Shrugged – Marcy Italiano

Jack Haringa Must Die! – Gregory Lamberson

Jack’s Night Out – Meghan Knierim

Jackie the Slayer – Lee Thomas

The Three Bad Deaths of Jack Haringa – Lon Prater

Room Service – Christopher Golden

Killing Jack Haringa – Geoff Cooper

Bad Tin – Nick Mamatas

The Foraging – Livia Llewellyn

The Doom That Came to Jack H. Aringa – Mary SanGiovanni

Jack Catches the A Train – Michael Oliveri

A Post-Apostrophic Tale – Bev Vincent

The Lonely Death of Mr. Haringa – Laird Barron

ISBN-10: 0809573113
ISBN-13: 978-0809573113

Each copy is $10.